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released August 4, 2015



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Anti-World System Chicago, Illinois

Anti-World System is a Reformation punk band.
Lyrically inspired by the Bible and the Protestant Reformation.
Drawing our musical Influences from 1980's New York and Boston Hardcore punk as well as 1980's English and Swedish D-beat.

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Track Name: War of the Maccabees
Verse 1:
The pagans came from the north
With their false god and their foreign laws
An image they erected in the Holy Place
The war began with a God fearing priest

Its not by might!
Nor by power!
But by my Spirit!
Saith the Lord!

Mi Chamochah b'Elim Adonai!
(מי כמוך באלים יהוה - who is like unto the Lord)

Verse 2:
The war continued and the death toll rose
Like a blacksmith striking an anvil the Hammer arose
By the power of God, He drove all their foes
At Elasa Judah was slain for (his bros) Israel

Verse 3:
The pagans fled, the land was cleansed
The Temple re-dedicated to the Lord
The mighty deeds of our God and the Maccabees
Forever remembered in the feast of Chanukah

Daniel 8:9-14
Daniel 11:29-45
1 Maccabees
Track Name: The Plague
A plague has come, under black flag
Revelation 9
Beheadings increase, no one cares
Revelation 16:13-16

The plague spreads, across the land
The blood of the saints stains their hands

Verse 2:
Many die and the slaughter continues
Convert or die, is all they have

They are deceived
By the false prophet
He will be thrown
Into the lake of fire
Revelation 19:20

Verse 3:
Against the truth, prophecy unfolds
To Jesus alone, they all hold to